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Anhui Chinese Health Pharmaceutical Co., LTD

   安Hui Chinese Health Pharmaceutical Co., LTD,Founded in 2001,The company has been focusing on the pharmaceutical and health industry,After years of development,Now it has developed into a product export platform for Chinese health,Guosheng Pharmacy as a pharmaceutical retail platform,Huida Pharmaceutical as the supply chain integration platform,Business school as a management output platform,Jiehelp technology as an information platform,Zhengyao Technology as a drug development and innovation platform,Guosheng Medical as a medical health service platform,Keanshu Medicine as a medical device platform,Eight in one, scientific layout of the pharmaceutical ecological enterprise。   
   At present, Chinese health is vigorous, accelerate the layout, rapid development, and now the company has nearly 6,000 employees。In the future, we will continue to ride the wind and waves, practice the business philosophy of "co-construction, sharing and win-win", become a comprehensive ecological enterprise covering the pharmaceutical and health industry, and contribute to the construction of healthy China in the new era。



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