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Ø2023年:On March 1st, Anhui Chinese Health Pharmaceutical Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "Chinese Health") was listed on the GEM of Shenzhen Stock Exchange (stock abbreviation: Chinese Health, stock code: 301408).The company will become following the heart Tang, Yifeng, people pharmacy, big ginseng forest, health, Suyu civilian,The 7th A-share market and the first listed chain pharmacy in the Yangtze River Delta is A listed company with main business

Ø2022: Officially launch the digital transformation strategy of the Group relying on the business and technology reserves of Jihelp Technology;Established subsidiaries Zhengyao Technology and Keanshu Technology, and started construction of the eastern Industrial base project;On August 19, 2022, it submitted for registration in Shenzhen Stock Exchange and officially entered the A-share market of Shenzhen Stock Exchange。

     Ø2021: The Group implements the strategic layout of "pharmaceutical ecology", focuses on the pharmaceutical retail industry, and forms a retail chain, retail collection, retail service, and retail e-commerce system;In May of the same year, Shenzhen Stock Exchange officially accepted the company's IPO application;

     Ø2020: Chinese Health ranked among the top 100 private enterprises in Anhui Province for two consecutive years, and Guosheng Pharmacy ranked among the top 25 of "National Top 100 chain";

     Ø2019: The company established a new subsidiary, Huida Pharmaceutical, to expand the pharmaceutical retail ecological platform;Acquired Fuyang chain pharmacy to cover more than 11 cities in the province;In May of the same year, the IPO filing work was guided and filed by Anhui Provincial Securities Regulatory Bureau;

     Ø2018: Received investment from Ali Health and Saif Fund;The company acquired chain pharmacies in Bozhou, Anqing, Huaibei and other cities, covering more than 10 cities in the province, becoming the most widely distributed retail pharmacy in Anhui province;

     Ø2017: Successively obtained the equity investment of Huatai Health Fund, and carried out comprehensive strategic cooperation with the capital;After the company acquired chain pharmacies in Wuhu, Xuancheng and Lujiang, it became the largest retail pharmacy in Anhui Province.

     Ø2010: Forward integration of Chinese health, establishment of Guosheng Pharmacy, layout of retail pharmacy terminal;

     Ø2008: The company was founded in 2001, acquired by the existing team in 2008, the operation area went to the whole country, and proposed a new CSO marketing model of chain direct supply;


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