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Human health attaches great importance to the construction and development of training, the company makes detailed training plans every year, prepares professional training courseware, and buildsWell-structured training system, commonPromote the development of training work。

The company summed up the training system as "four combinations"

Employee self-development combined with company training and development;

A combination of internal and external training;

Management personnel training and professional and technical personnel training;

Professional knowledge training combined with degree training。

The training target covers all employees of the group, focusing on the company's middle and senior management, new employees and professional staff。The main training courses are divided into five types: new employee induction training, job skills training, external (expansion) training, professional knowledge improvement training, comprehensive quality strengthening training。以"Pass, help, carry"The training form builds confidence for new employees to meet the challenges of new positions。

In order to create a better training environment for employees, Chinese Health regularly holds"Internal lecturer competition——Knowledge sharingPKCompetition to select excellent internal lecturers。Internal lecturers can give priority to participate in external professional training related to the courses they teach. The company will give certain remuneration in the training approved by the company, and the company will give certain subsidies every year. The company will focus on cultivating internal lecturers with potential and excellent performance as core talents。The company insists on attracting, cultivating and retaining talents through training, so as to stimulate the enthusiasm of employees, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, and achieve "co-construction. 共享 Win-win "business philosophy。

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